He had been thrice partnered, and had topic from the each one of their wives

His oldest guy, by his first girlfriend, Age Montgomery, d Mure out-of Rowallan, the fresh eminent poet, a great memoir from just who is offered lower than.

That it Sir William Mure was securely linked to the Reformed doctrines, and you may try the latest intimate buddy of the celebrated Mr. It is said you to conventicles occurred at home away from Rowallan throughout his day. If on this subject membership or not, you can be positive that he sustained much inside the dilemmas regarding this new Chapel from Scotland.

Whenever almost every other gentlemen was in fact liberated through to the text from tranquility into the 1668, this type of about three was basically chosen into the confinement, but in the season adopting the, with the elimination of Bishop Burnet from Glasgow, they shown a beneficial petition getting discharge with the duke out of Lauderdale, this new commissioner, which had been supplied. From inside the 1683 Sir William Mure again decrease within the uncertainty out of this new court, and you will is apprehended, with his oldest man, from inside the London. They certainly were provided for Edinburgh and the amount of time inmates for the Tolbooth.

In identical seasons their 2nd guy, John, is actually pulled prisoner, and you can carried in order to Edinburgh. In a short time the healthiness of the young laird of Rowallan expected indulgence, and he is actually said to be taken off the latest prison so you can a personal household. In April 1684, they certainly were one another released, on offering a bond out-of E2,000, to seem when contacted. Sir William died within the or just around 1686.

The latest elderly son, William Mure of Rowallan, the very last lineal associate of your relatives, are registered a student at university off Glasgow for the 1660. His display on the problems out of his father might have been already observed.

Guthrie, very first minister out of Fenwick

The guy died concerning the day when Queen David was removed prisoner at race off Durham, battled seventeenth Oct 1346. Discover supposed to was indeed an adult man than Adam, titled Reynold. Brand new editor of the ‘Historie,’ into expert out of Crawford’s Officers regarding Condition, (vol. i. p. 290), claims during the a note: Reynold, kid and you can heir of Sir William A great deal more, is one of many hostages left from inside the England on David’s redemption.

The new hoarseness and you will asperitie of your own Irish enunciation regarding their term and you will countries try forgot, and Rigallane has smooch recenzja started to become Rowallane, Pothkellath is Pokellie, c., and a lot more has started to become Mure by legal dialect.

Sir William, the latest eldest child, the next laird out-of Rowallan, is defined as “ane strong-man out-of bodie, and you will delyted far during the google search and halking

In the event that, as is know, she is the latest daughter of 2nd, perhaps not the first, Lord Evandale, she is actually this new sis out-of Andrew Stewart, 3rd Lord Evandale, and have out-of Henry Stewart, authored Lord Methven, the next spouse off Margaret, queen-mother out-of Scotland, daughter out-of Henry VII. Out of England, and you can grandmother of Mary, king out-of Scots.

Thridlie, this new foirsaid Robert Boyd guidmane off Kilmarnock, therefore the told you Mungow Muir off Rowallane, entirit in the field of Glasgow, the new told you Mungow are lairglie greatest then followed then the foirsaid Robert, they behavit themselfe therefore valiantlie in this proven fact that the new Duik Hamiltone quho reckonit both his lyfe and you can honor becoming preservit be thair handis, maid the fresh said Robert Boyd, guidman from Kilmarnock, Lord Boyd, lyk in addition to as he revardit this new said Mungow Muir that have dyvers reasonable giftis.

William, the fresh oldest kid, succeeded his dad. He had been “out-of a meik and you may smooth heart, and delyted far regarding examination of phisick, that he experienced especiallie among the many poore individuals with decent achievements. He was ane spiritual son, and you can passed away gratiouslie throughout the yeare off his years 69, the entire year of one’s lorde 1616.” That have three d, whom succeeded him; John Mure out of Blacklaw, who had been murdered in the a fight at Beith, and Hugh regarding Skirnalland.

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