Even after the have a tendency to contentious relationshp, it’s found which they keeps a separate bond

Cleo finds out Khensu fantastically dull and irritable sometimes while Khensu, meanwhile, is often highly mad within Cleo’s impulsiveness, recklessness, and you may refusal to listen. The two frequently have conflict along, however they end up towards the good terms once again shortly after Cleo acknowledges so you can the girl problems and you will Khensu, therefore, reasons their methods. When you look at the Wednesday, the guy even went in terms of to let their to pets your (despite simply how much the guy despises receiving treatment for example a domestic cat). Khensu is even however protective out of their, as evidenced within my Pharaoh Females where the guy help slip one he did not want Cleo to stand in for Yosira owed so you’re able to just how dangerous it could be on her. While doing so, Cleo has found a deep compassion to own Khensu while the viewed when you look at the Quarantine. Regardless if Khensu cannot usually believe Cleo’s view, he nevertheless thinks in her future since galaxy’s saving grace and you will and thus allows her when planning on taking costs as soon as the problem needs they, actually exhibiting a willingness to adhere to their instructions.


In the collection, Callie, a popular lady at the Academy having a loyal set of family unit members, and you may Cleo have an ongoing rivalry, leading them to dislike one another. Cleo even calls Callie her ”archnemesis” from the episode ”Clubbing.” It name each other names, which have Callie providing Cleo nicknames for every single other and Cleo going an equivalent Callie’s behavior makes Cleo genuinely believe that the woman is the new spy ultimately causing havoc on Academy [3] , top their to take outlandish measures, as well as invading this lady individual space. Cleo are underneath the effect you to this lady has ”proof” that Callie try a good spy towards the Octavian and you may observes are an excellent companion given that a perfect reason to find out possible. It turns out getting an excellent ruse and you will she realizes the girl hunch was incorrect.

Once Cleo saves the woman out-of a cerebral-managed Zedge in the episode ”Suspicion,” Callie acknowledges this woman is resentful given that Cleo is doing much better than this lady, which runs contrary to the hopes of the woman moms and dads, and then make their ”search bad” (deterioration the lady position on the college or university) and you may seems jealous. Cleo then states one Callie was ”big during the almost everything,” supposed further than this lady early in the day praise (contacting the girl extreme and you may sports), it little finger-bump, and you can Cleo makes reference to the woman since the an effective ”spouse.” The second is probably in the context of the new No Science Big date. After the fresh new event ”Uncertainty,” both play a good duet and additionally Zedge along with his ring shortly after admitting it ”hate” one another.

Inside the ”My personal Pharaoh Female,” Callie continues to work sassy, carrying out a song in the ”auditions” to possess a ”play” put-on because of the Yosira (in fact a good ruse) together posse. She just interacts together with her temporarily in ”Double.” If you’re Cleo has been frustrated by this lady, she hugs Callie in the arcade immediately after stating she’s got went returning to ”typical,” stunning a bored Callie. Within the ”Cyrano”, Callie ribs Akila and you may Cleo, particularly when she thinks one Brian (controlled by Cyrano) is cool and no offered the buddy.

Throughout the Cleo’s start subsequently, assuming she is actually impression homesick otherwise out-of-place, she commonly confided inside Khensu, that would up coming brighten her up

Regarding the event ”Savior”, Callie is actually been shown snapsext to be in the a club produced by Cleo for college students to practice their attacking enjoy. At the end of this new episode, she captures and you can preserves Cleo out of passing away, declaring she’s today ”the savior.” It gently rib one another a short while later, and you may change warm looks towards the one another. About adopting the episode, ”Female Night”, she boasts Akila, Khepra, and you may Cleo towards the arcade. She seems to be warmer which have Cleo in this episode.

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