My presentation below toward Thursday early morning August twelve was titled Eric Bernes Brainstorming “202” Meetings Together with World Serenity Triangles


This article begins with my personal five-season knowledge experience with Eric Berne within his Saturday evening San Francisco Complex ”202” Conference, in which he lays along the standards away from a different interpersonal societal mental technology away from brevity in theory-and come up with delivered toward layman’s words. There’ll be a relationship to down load this at the end of your own post.

Eric Bernes Brainstorming “202” Seminars While the Community Comfort Triangles Stephen B. Karpman, M.D. ITAA TSTA ITAA Eric Berne Centenary Fulfilling Montreal, Canada,

New “202” Summit Try A think tank Having BRAINSTORMING This new Theory. Whereas the TA 101 lectures were aimed at introducing transactional analysis concepts to a newly interested audience, the 202 seminar was strictly for advanced theory making by professionals meeting weekly at Eric Bernes home Tuesday nights in San Francisco. The purpose was to brainstorm new TA theory; time used was not spent on training purposes. Berne laid down his breakthrough new rules for theory making using acute observation and intuition to find the common denominators in human behavior, always put in simple laymans language and reduced to its core truths using Occams Razor of Parsimony. After the meetings when it was turn for the Child to have fun, we all participated in “field trips” and “jumping up and down parties.”

The fresh new 1960s Backdrop. All this new thinking occurred historically in synchronicity with the backdrop of the revolutionary 1960s in San Francisco where Bernes home was near the Haight-Ashbury district. To that new generations movement, Berne contributed enlightenment and permission by diagramming that the Parent was NOT the same as the Adult; and that “The Child is the most important ego state with all the other ego states set up to protect it.” His 1964 book “Games People Play” was a best seller for over two years and attracted thousands to a better way of understanding social relationships.

Where background, Berne as well try a revolutionary for these times, and he, too, was difficult the new Vital Mother or father, in a trend against the entrenched organization psychiatric Mother and you can the obscure science of the old ways. He shortly after announced “I can provides spent the remainder of my life disproving psychoanalysis, however, I thought i’d create transactional data instead.” Since the a skilled commander, he energized their supporters with an “United states Against Them” pleasure, while you are chuckling “Aside within California was indeed building a unique Mercedes Benz however, straight back East he could be nevertheless riding an unit T Ford.” He had been a great humorist, after speaking about this new DSM II while the “The latest Standardized Set of Putdowns.” For the hookup bars Hervey Bay depending cures tactics, together with his wry jokes, he referred to him or her since the “poultry soup” and you can “religion” rather than genuine “science;” and favoring good “treat” more than a great “procedures.” Stressing creativity, whenever Dylan done “The days They are An effective-Altering,” Berne echoed that have “Usually do not state whatever has actually previously already been said before,” and for a far more scientific study out-of worry about and you can relationship, the guy said “Dont state anything that can not be diagrammed.” Along with a primary difficulties to your inbred psychoanalytic composing concept, he asserted that TA composing are going to be for the people, the fresh layman, and must feel “understandable in order to an 8 12 months-dated kid, a middle-western farmer, and you can a keen Yards. professor.”

The past diagram reveals the 2 greatest amounts of the new Crisis Triangle

ERIC BERNE was an objective scientist, a highly trained physician and psychiatrist who rebelled against the vague, experiential subjective world of the current psychoanalytic establishment and their complicated language. To their charges to him of “intellectualizing,” he replied, “We respect our patients intelligence.” They would say to him “Yours is oversimplified,” and to that he retorted “Yours is overcomplicated.” At his home he gathered a professional group including many dan, Dusay, Steiner, Kupfer, and others, and welcomed all disciplines equally, to help set down a new game-changing set of strict standards of greater objectivity in psychiatric thought than had ever been known before. At the core of his theory was the observable social transaction, a transactional reality in objective facts that could be “photographed and tape recorded,” as opposed to imaginary transferences and an invisible Super Ego, Ego, and Id that could not be “photographed and tape recorded.” He had a high standard of rigorous objective thinking about what real people do in the real world, not in the protected subjective world of the analysts couch.

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